Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

With beautiful mountain views, sahuaros, and endless green grass golf courses, it’s no wonder Arizona is one of the top locations for a destination wedding.

Arizona has some of the most picturesque places to hold a wedding, and you won’t have to worry about a potentially rainy day on your biggest day because it rarely rains. It is basically sunny summer all year round in most parts of Arizona. 

Another great reason to have a destination wedding in Arizona is that there are many different options. Book your wedding in Sedona for gorgeous red mountains backdrops, or try Pinetop for its dark green pine trees, if you need to escape the heat to have a summer wedding then book Flagstaff. You can even have a ranch style wedding with horses!

Here’s our top 5 places to hold your dreamiest destination wedding in Arizona:

  1. The Sanctuary Camelback:

    If you want to stay in Scottsdale (because who wouldn’t want to have their bachelor/ bachelorette in Old Town Scottsdale for their infamous clubs, bars and Wild Wild West nightlife), the Sanctuary Camelback is a notoriously fabulous spot for a Scottsdale destination wedding.
  2. Saguaro Lake Ranch:

    Want something a little bit off the grid from Phoenix city? Saguaro Lake Ranch is a great spot with 20 cabins in a private location. It’s only 45 minutes away from the city, full of beautiful mountains and horse ranches.
  3. Sedona’s L’Auberge:

    Are you looking for that brilliant red rock backdrop? Sedona’s L’Auberge is one of the best locations. You can have the most magical photo ops and treat your guests to a serene, spiritually awakening getaway. L’Auberge has a beautiful intimate creek that surrounds the romantic patio where your reception would be set, while still having the views of the sprawling views.
  4. Little America in Flagstaff:

    If you need to have a summer wedding in Arizona the valley’s heat might be too much for a functional wedding (picture sweating off all your glam makeup off and your guests fainting from the afternoon heat). Luckily, there are still amazing spots in Arizona to escape that extreme summer dry heat that are on average 30 degrees cooler, Flagstaff and Pinetop are great options. One of our favorite wedding venues in Flagstaff is Little America.  And for Pinetop, the Gathering Place is a great option for a secluded historic barn surrounded by pine trees. Flagstaff and Pinetop are also great options for a winter wonderland wedding!
  5. The Monroe Abbey, Phoenix:

    If you’re looking for something a little bit different, the Monroe Abbey in Phoenix is a grand spot for an open and industrial space. The Monroe Abbey is an abandoned Arizona church and has become a city historic relic.

No matter where you choose, Arizona has a place for your dream wedding!


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